Coaching Philosophy

My guess is you want to either get better at golf, or enjoy it more or both.  (You wouldn't be on the internet looking at a golf instruction site otherwise).  Our aim at Michael Boyd Golf is to help you realize those goals.

Our coaching programs are unique and custom to each individual while remaining grounded in fundamental principles of golf.  They can include any and all aspects of the game: ball striking, short game, mental performance, and on course strategy.

Here at MBG we pride ourselves on always growing in our knowledge of the game; we spend a good deal of time attending education seminars, reading and doing research, as well as spend time with other notable instructors to learn as much as we can.  We seek to understand the game from all angles to better understand what is going on and how to simply convey to you a better way to play. 

"The better your understand something, the more easily it can be explained." - Albert Einstein

Below are our thoughts regarding different aspects of the game. 

Know Thyself
The first question we want to know at MBG is "what is it you want?".  What would blow your ears back or spice up your chili?  Lower scores, better ball striking, hitting it further, a college scholarship, beat your buddies out of a few bukcs, etc...?  Each one of those answers may alter the coaching program we establish.  All we ask of you is to be honest with yourself and us; know what is it are you wanting to do with your game.

The Swing
What is a matter of principle or fundamental and what is a matter of style?  The truth is while there are many different ways to get the golf ball to do what you want it to do, there are a few things that need to be accounted for.  The key is to get all the important components to your swing to match up to hit the ball the way you desire.  The goal at MBG is to help you to understand why the ball does what it does and what in your swing makes that happen.  Then, we educate and coach you on how you can control or change the variables in your swing that matter.

The fundamental keys that matter to good golf are:
1) Controlling how and where you hit the ground (or where your low point in the swing is)
2) Controlling the club face to hit shots in a predictable direction
3) Hitting the ball far enough to score at your level of competition

Often times we think of grip, stance, posture, alignment, etc... as fundamental.  But, if you line up all the great ball strikers from all time, you would be hard pressed to find similarities in all of these traits.  However, you would find that they control low point, control the club face, and hit the ball far enough.  While grip, stance, posture, alignment, etc... are important, they have several variations that are unique to each individual and need to match up with that individuals swing alignments and ball flight preferences. 

With the above fundamentals in mind we work towards helping you match up your swing in 3 main areas:
1)  Your body pivot (how your body turns, tilts, shifts weight, and extends)
2)  The path of your hands (the direction your hands are traveling play a major role in the path of your club head)
3) Your wrist positions (the wrists play a large part in the direction the club face is pointing at impact, the path it travels and the amount of loft being delivered).   

Most of the time not all areas of the swing need to be addressed.  We prioritize the things you need to work on, give you drills and homework to work on and check back with you on your progress. 

Short Game
With wedges, chipping, and pitching we work towards a simplified method to help you hit the ball solidly, control loft, and the speed of the club.  We also give you drills to use in practice to better prepare to score.

In putting we help you to understand the statistics behind good putting, as well as teach you ways you can practice to get better at holing putts that matter, and 2 putting from long range.  Putting is mainly based on skill.  Can you roll the ball down your intended line with proper speed?  We teach you how to do that more often.

We give you the drills and habits you need to improve the fastest.  We let you know how to practice and on what things.  What does a good practice session look like?  If it doesn't improve your performance your doing it wrong. 

Mental Performance
We specialize in the mindset needed to perform at your best.  Having played at the highest levels of competitive golf, and spent time training in Performance Intelligence we bring a vast knowledge of what it takes to success.  We not only teach you how to think your way around the course, but how to practice and prepare in a way to perform your best when it matters.  These are the same techniques used by some of the best players in the world.  Through the use of a mental profile, a journal, on course walk training, as well as monitored practice we get you to understand how you can use your mind as an asset, to give you the best possible chance for success.

On Course
By taking a coach on the course with you, you gain a better understanding on how you can improve your scores by your strategy, as well as gaining a better understanding of how and why you have your biggest misses. 

Does any of that sound like it may help you improve or enjoy the game more?  Give us a shout, let's get better together. 

Michael Boyd
(918) 645-0986