Lessons are given at The Club at Indian Springs in Broken Arrow, OK (just outside Tulsa).  If you would like to do a school or have lessons outside of Tulsa please contact us for rates.  We can tailor anything to your needs.  

Phone: (918) 645-0986
Email: mboydtulsa@yahoo.com

Individual Lesson (1 hour)
Adult       $100
Junior     $80 (Anyone who has not graduated from High School)

Dual Lesson $120 (any combination of Juniors or Adults) (1 hour)

Half Hour Lesson $60 (Indian Springs Members Only)
Junior Half Hour Lesson $50 (Juniors 13 years and younger)

Lesson Package (6 Lessons Per Package, 1 Hour each lesson)
Adult       $500
Junior     $400

4 Week Individual Training
Meet 2 times per week for a month.  First lesson 1 hour assessment and plan, next 6
lessons are 1/2 hour follow ups of organized hands on coaching, last lesson a 9 hole
playing lesson.  6 Hours of instruction geared toward lowering your scores.

Adult      $500
Junior    $400

9 Hole Playing Lesson
Adult       $175
Junior     $150

Online Mental Profile     $50
Gain insights into your unique style as a golfer.  This profile utilizes the DISC profile and has been a great resource for many of Michael’s students.  Test takes about 10 minutes to take, online, a full report is sent to you as well as Michael.

Tucker Short Game Assessment$125
Assess all facets of your game from inside 70 yards.  You will hit 100 different shots from
short putts to wedges, a handicap will be given in each category, and a priority plan for
improvement will be given.  Takes roughly 1.5 hours.

Short Game Improvement Series 4 weeks
Get the Tucker Short Game Assessment and initial improvement plan during the first week.
Meet for a 1 hour follow up lesson of organized hands on coaching and drills each of the
next 3 weeks.  5 Hours of organized instruction geared towards lowering your scores.

Adult       $440
Junior      $340